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Parking sensors

No more dents on your car.

Detects objects at ± 1,50 m of the car.
Adjustable acoustic alarm (buzzer). Continuous beep at ± 35 cm of the object.

Universal sensors with removable front part can be used as flat or angle sensors:
SERIE 800: delivered with removable flat and angled front parts.
For bumpers with large inclination: separately deliverable kit of 4 front parts for sensors with 15° inclination.
SERIE 800 PLUS: delivered with additional removable front parts for installation of the sensors from the inside of the bumper.

  • Fully automatic: rear sensors automatically activate when reverse gear is engaged.
  • Ideal for vehicles with fixed, removable or retractable tow bar. The sensors automatically recognize the presence or absence of a tow bar.
  • Comfort: no stress when parking – Distance to other parked vehicles or objects is indicated by beeps.
  • Security: detection of objects invisible for the driver (low objects, children, …). 4 sensors for covering the complete width of the bumper.
  • Finish: the MAXAM sensors can be painted to match the bumper color.
  • Universal for any type of vehicle, industrial vehicle, … 12 V.

Option: LED display for visual indication of the distance.
Option: Module for automatic activation of the front parking sensors.

MAXAM parking sensors – leaflet

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