ALT-205 Car Tester Universal

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Possibilities of the universal cartester:

  • Voltsensing: the average voltage is shown on the display, as well as the maximum measured as the minimum measured voltage during this measurement.
    • Simple way to check whether control pulses are present on a wire.
    • The cartester has an internal load resistor of 1K and one of 50R which can be switched on by a push button for battery testing.
  • Tacho data: simultaneous measurement of maximum and minimum voltage of a frequency and the frequency itself.
  • Pulse timing: for measuring the maximum and minimum voltage of a pulse and the pulse time (not the frequency).
  • Generator: the tester generates itself a frequency of (adjustable): 5Hz, 10Hz, 15Hz and a pulse sequence with intervals.
  • CAN detect: the tester indicates whether it is measuring on a Can-Hi or Can-Low, Lin or just pulse signal.

The tester has a measuring pin with lighting to facilitate measuring, a display, a sound and LED indication when measuring + (red) or - (green).

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