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Subscription price is per year.

Tracking by using Openstreetmap or Google maps with streetview

Tracking possible via app and computer

  • Send position via GPRS to a server: speed and status can be measured
  • Possibility to search for addresses on the map
  • Zoom view: possibility to follow a vehicle, driver, group or resources
  • Search on the map based on a target address
  • Measurement of speed peaks and speed limits (based on Google)
  • Measure temperature
  • Route tracking
  • Track fuel consumption
  • Activity based on start/stop
  • Total working hours and trips
  • Hidden module linked to GPS and GSM antenna, with the option of hiding these as well.
  • GPRS modem contains a SIM card
  • Recording of all types of events with the possibility to set alerts, with SMS control centre to send messages to drivers and receive alerts depending on the events. Connections to additional sensors such as panic button, private switch, temperature sensor, door sensor... .
  • Maintenance planning with alerts and reports
  • Track all vehicles in real-time: reduce the number of accidents with speed monitoring in real-time.
  • Identification of drivers and passengers and personnel management by increasing productivity: monitoring working hours, breaks and execution of orders.
  • Overview of stops including time and duration, the trips including start and stop addresses, the distance and the time driven or even a complete position list from minute to minute with an overview of the kilometres driven. View these reports in PDF or EXCEL.

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