Cruise Control and Speed Limiters

LITE-ON cruise control and speed limiter

Cruise control, or a speed controller, ensures that the vehicle maintains a constant speed. The driver does not have to touch the accelerator pedal. This is because a sensor continuously measures the speed.

Installer benefits:

  • Lite-On = approved quality
  • TÜV and E approval
  • Complete range of products for any 12 Volt vehicle
  • Easy to fit and to program
  • For some vehicles:
    Preprogrammed products: shorter installation time
    (just connect electric wires, no need to program)
    Connexion by CAN-bus: only 3 connexions to do and to fit the command

Customer benefits:

  • Save fuel and CO2 emissions
  • Avoid speeding tickets and losing a driver license
  • Relax driving: less fatigue for the driver and less wear of the vehicle

The complete application list can be found here.

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