Anti-Marten Maxam Shock 400

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Martens are beautiful protected animals, but can cause a lot of damage to vehicles. They tend to nest under the hood of your vehicle and then gnaw at the cables and pipes.

So be preventive and provide the vehicle with a scarecrow!

Shock 400 scares martens off with ultrasonic waves and 400V high voltage (as with electric fencing) so that they stay at a safe distance. The unit is automatically active when the engine is switched off and switches off automatically when the engine is running. Thanks to a built-in light sensor, the unit also switches off automatically when the hood is opened.

Technical features
  • Suitable for: 12V vehicles
  • Average power consumption: 8 mA / 12 volts
  • Sound pressure: ± 105 dB at 20-26 kHz
  • E inspection: E12 020211


  • Developed and produced in Europe (E-marking)
  • 105dB ultrasound (instead of 85dB) in 360°.

  • Easy to connect: directly to the 12V/DC of the battery (some products require terminal 15 (+ after ignition) or another special signal from the car)
  • No maintenance (no replacement of the internal battery).
  • Easy mounting without making holes in the body. disassembly without damaging the device or the bodywork
  • Cable ties and mounting material are included
  • The Shock 400 is equipped with two 2 m long high voltage wires (for easy assembly) and 6 shock pads.
  • The Shock 400 is equipped with a light sensor that switches off the high voltage when the bonnet is opened.

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