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Vos Car Electronics supplies parts for Hyundai Belux directly to the distributors

Vos Car Electronics supplies parts for Hyundai Belux directly to the distributors

It is a well-known phenomenon that the profitability of dealerships has been under considerable pressure in recent months, partly due to shortages of certain parts and the increasing share of electric cars. “Distributors are logically going to look into other ways to maintain their profits,” says Steven Claus, General Manager at Vos Car Electronics. “The installation of electrical and electronic accessories is a very smart move to completely unburden the customer and at the same time create further added value.”

Thanks to the strong cooperation, Vos Car Electronics has been supplying selected accessories for Hyundai Belux for more than 15 years. “Now that selection is being expanded and we are becoming the official supplier of electronic accessories for the entire Hyundai dealer network. From now on, every Hyundai dealer can order any electronic accessory directly via the online webshop of Vos Car Electronics.”

Short supply chain

Previously, Hyundai dealers could order their products via the Vos Car Electronics webshop, after which the goods were delivered to them at night via the central warehouse of Astara Western Europe. Today, both companies are joining forces to shorten that supply chain and make it even easier for the customer. “It’s a win-win for everyone”, is how Patrick Bauwens, Head of P&A Hyundai Belux, describes the project. “We fully entrust the supply activities to our partner Vos Car Electronics, which saves us a lot of time, makes the supply chain more sustainable and can serve the customer even more smoothly.”

Wider partnership

In addition to electronic accessories for Hyundai, Vos Car Electronics also supplies electronic accessories for other brands. “From parking sensors to reversing cameras and from heated seats to boot lid openers,” explains Steven Claus. “We are therefore very pleased with the confidence of Hyundai Belux to appoint us as a direct supplier for their dealer network in Belgium and Luxembourg. Through the collaboration with Hyundai Belux, we hope in the future to further expand this partnership to the other brands of Astara Western Europe: SsangYong, Maxus, Suzuki, Isuzu and MG.”

About Vos Car Electronics

Vos Car Electronics has been around since 1962 and was taken over in 2020 by Steven Claus and his son Jonas. The company targets importers, wholesalers and installers in the automotive industry with a range of high-quality after-market accessories that are equivalent to the original. In addition to the delivery of these products, Vos Car Electronics also focuses on a personal service; for example, the company helps with quick breakdowns and provides more than 1000 online installation manuals to the customer.

About Astara Western Europe

Astara is the new name of the Spanish car group Bergé Automoción, which recently became the main shareholder of the Belgian Alcomotive, now the hub of Astara Western Europe. The group imports brands such as Suzuki, Hyundai, Maxus, MG, Isuzu and SsangYong to Europe. Astara distributes 30 car brands and employs approximately 2,500 people. The company sells about 200,000 vehicles per year.

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