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Parking sensors

Park safely, without damage and avoid expensive repairs!

  • Signal objects at ± 1.50 m from the vehicle.
  • Beeps with adjustable volume. Continuous beep at ± 35 cm from the object.
  • Fully automatic: rear parking sensors switch on automatically when parking in reverse.
  • Also for vehicles with a tow bar: MAXAM parking sensors automatically adjust to the presence or absence of a tow bar. Very practical in case of retractable towbars.
  • Comfort: easy parking without stress - distance to other vehicles or objects is indicated by beeps.
  • Safe: low objects, children playing, bollards, ... are no longer invisible to the driver. 4 sensors cover the entire width of the vehicle.
  • Finishing: MAXAM sensors can be painted in the color of the bumper.
  • Universal for cars and vans 12 V.
  • The parking sensors series 800 and 800F come with flat and inclined sensor caps, so they can be placed on almost any bumper.
  • The same sets are available as series 800+ and 800F+. These are equipped with additional accessories for mounting along the inside of the bumper.
  • Sensor caps with an inclination of 15° are available for extremely inclined bumpers.

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